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If you are looking for a kind, safe, reliable, registered, active and creative childcare in a small-scale home atmosphere, you are at Gastouderopvang Lieselusje in Amsterdam East -Java-eiland ( in the middle of the Sumatrakade on the 5th floor) on the right adress.

Lieselusje is available for children aged 0-4 years. The day-care can accommodate 3 children a day, which means a small day-care with a lot of attention for the child. There is a large courtyard garden on the backside.

The food is mainly biological.

Lieselusje complies with all requirements for childcare and is therefore registered in the National Register of Child Care under number 552938518. Lieselusje is a HBO graduate (Education and Education, in the direction of textile methods and handicrafts).


Lieselusje was active until 2012 at Vereniging het OuderSchap and was represented for several years in the Breastfeeding Platform of the Netherlands Nutrition Center. Lieselusje followed the following courses in 2006 and 2007: baby massage, move with your baby, baby yoga and baby swimming. Lieselusje obtained the "Toddlers in the Wild" license in October 2015 (promote nature activities, including "Natuur is een feest"). In November 2016, Lieselusje followed the course "Child and Creativity" at Atelier in een Koffer.

Of course Lieselusje always has an up to date EHBO voor Kinderen (First Aid for children) certificate .

Feel free to contact (see contact) for available places, questions and possibly incidental care. 

Below is a nice blog, that wrote a parent about me:




The day-care is located on the Sumatrakade 719 on the fifth floor. There is an elevator available. At the front is a beautiful view of the IJ and the boats that passes by. At the back we have a large, green communal courtyard. On Java Island there are four large courtyards, where children can play wonderfully. There is also, for example, a big sandpit, a playground, and there are fountains in the summer.



The day-care days are Tuesday and Thursday from aprox. 08:00 to 18:00. At 8.30 my daughter is taken to school. You can also bring your child from 8.45. All start and end times are in consultation.

Various other wishes on an occasional basis are negotiable such as an extra day, or weekend / night day-care.

Exchange can only be on Tuesdays or Thursdays, provided there is room. Swaping with another day than Tuesday or Thursday is only possible when paid as an additional day. (because its an extra working day for the gastouder).

Lieselusje uses as many organic products as possible.

Hot meal after 17 hours is negotiable if the child stays up to 18 hours. Hot meal is at an additional cost, see rates, or you can bring your own meal.

Lieselusje reserves the right to place children in such a way that it fits well within the existing group and daycare / hours. The order of registration is subordinated.



Lieselusje asks € 6.20 per hour for formal childcare working with a registred gastouderbureau. This amount is exclusive of diapers and formula/ babyfood. For fruit and a sandwich between midday is taken care of. Often we eat a hot lunch, such as cheese or pasta with cheese. Specific nutritional requirements for your child can always be discussed.

This amount includes day trips.

Lieselusje provides daycare for about 45 weeks a year. There is no daycare in autumn, christmas and spring holidays and about three weeks in the summer holiday (subject to minor changes).

These vacations of the gastouder the parents don.t pay. You can, however, ask for another gastouder at the gastouderbureau (if requested on time), if you need day-care this weeks. This is of course paid by the parents.

Holidays of the parents on other days than vacations of the gastouder will be paid 100%, because a child's place is kept free. Parents can be able to plan vacation during the weeks when there is no day-care because of vacation of the gastouder.

There is no day-care on natiotional holidays. These days will be paid 100% by the parents, because most of the time they will also be paid these days by their employer, and also get the kinderopvangtoeslag on these days.

If the gastouder is ill you do not have to pay. Only if replacement can be arranged.

If the child is ill, the parents pay.

In summary: absence from the gastouder is not paid (except for the nationale holidays like Hemelvaart or Koningsdags, but the parent usually receives payment from the employer these days and the kinderopvangtoeslag), the parents/childs’ absent is paid . Honestly divided!


For children day care (0 to 4 years), the minimum number of contract hours is 7 hours a day. Hours taken more than the fixed contract-hours are calculated in quarter of an hour (15 min.)

For a hot meal in the evening, additional fees will be charged. For children from 1 to 3 years it is € 2.40. For children 4 years and over, it is € 3.10.

On very occasional cases, daycare can be given in the weekend. The weekend rate (Sat 7.00-22.00) is € 9.30 per hour (50% extra).

The nightly rate is € 3,50 per hour, and on weekends 50% extra (Friday 22.00-7.00, Sat 22.00-7.00 and so from 22.00 to 7.00), according to the weekend rate. Evening and night care only exclusieve for day-care-childs. Night care has a fixed demand of 9 hours.

Lieselusje reserves the right to adjust rates in the meantime.


The hourly price of the gastouder is further determined by the choice of the gastouderbureau. They ask monthly agency fees. The gastouder hourly prize and the gastouderbureau fees together constitute the amount that you can declare for the kinderopvangtoeslag. This will give you a large part of all costs back through kinderopvangtoeslag. The cost of the gastouderbureaus may vary. On average it will cost about 1 euro per hour.

Lieselusje is affiliated with 2 gastouderbureau's: regional gastouderbureau Bekind (www.bekind.nl) and national gastouderbureau 4Kids (www.4kids.nl)A test cost calculation can be made at www.toeslagen.nl or www.kostenkinderopvang.nl.



Due to the creative background of Lieselusje (HBO Education and Education towards Textile Workmanship and Handicrafts) there will be enough attention for creativity. Crafts with varied materials, to develop certain skills (tactile, fine motor skills).

The love for nature is reflected in the 'Toddlers in the Wild' license. See:http://www.natuuriseenfeest.nl/peutersinhetwild/

There are also many children's books in the playground. Lieselusje likes reading and speaks very well Dutch (ABN). Reading language and speech development is beneficial. In addition, the concentration is practiced. We also have a beautiful library in the neighbourhood at Javaplein. They organize, among other things, reading promotion projects for babies, toddlers and toddlers. Also the main building of the library of Amsterdam is relatively close.

Lieselusje is also enterprising: once a day we do an outdoor activity. That's easy on Java-eiland with its 4 beautiful large courtyards. But Lieselusje also likes the Flevopark. There we can go to the playground, the nature park of Jeugdland, feeding ducklings and enjoy nature. Kinderboerderij de Werf is also a nice getaway. In warm weather we have the beautiful outdoor bath Flevoparkbad bath with a lovely toddler bath and a nice playground. At some worse weather we can go to the Tropenmuseum. Occasionally, Artis or Hortus can be also on the program. Lieselusje has an Artis- and Museumcard. Tun Fun also belongs to the excursions, as long as it fits the age and the child.

Trips with the OV will be made after permission from the parents. Trips are paid by Lieselusje.

Transport goes with a triple buggy or a bakfiets. The youngest can carry Lieselusje ev. in a carrying cloth. Here they get calm and trust. For transport with the bakfiets, permission for participation in traffic is requested. Lieselusje will also use the tram on trips.

But above all, Lieselusje makes it important to create an environment where the kids feel at home!

 Lieselusje offers parents a grocery service. If you do not have anything at home, Lieselusje can deliver that for you, provided it fits the children's day program.



To bring along:


-bottles, bottle feed, baby food / jars (provided your child is eating this course), measuring spoons

-teat (when its needed)

-spare clothes (romper, pants, t-shirt, sweater, stockings)

-clothes to play outside (clothing that may become dirty)

-sleeping bag (also here available)


-events sleepwear


What's on here?

-diaper cloths (perfume free)




-care products ( when your child needs special care products, you bring it yourself).



Lieselusje occasionally uses aromatherapy. Mandarin oil and Myrtle oil are regularly used oils that make calm and good for the respiratory tract in a cold. 

In the day-care of Lieselusje, both vaccinated and (partially) unvaccinated children are welcome.

With what diseases is the child allowed to come, or not, to the gastouder?

For this purpose, Lieselusje is using the RIVM National Center for Hygiene and Safety (from page 67):



P.S.. This tekst is made with help of Google Translate and can still contain textual an grammatical errors.